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United States Air Force

Heritage of America Band

Brass Quintet


The Heritage of America Band has a long history of entertaining the American public and promoting esprit de corps in the military. The unit strives to inspire the hearts and minds of our men and woman serving around the world and to tell the Air Force story through the power of music.

One of the musical ensembles that makes up this organization is the Heritage Brass Quintet. They were formed in 1973, and present a blend of music spanning more than 350 years. The quintet’s repertoire draws from classical selections such as Bach and Handel, jazz selections from such artists as Duke Ellington and Antonio Carlos Jobim as well as popular music and patriotic pieces.

The quintet’s versatility stems from their diverse educational backgrounds and professional experiences. Members have performed with such orchestras as the National Repertory Orchestra, the Woodlands Symphony Orchestra, the Lima Symphony, the Bowling Green Philharmonia, the Orchestra of the Finger Lakes, the Kansas City Symphony, and the Williamsport Symphony Orchestra. The quintet members have also performed with many chamber music ensembles including, the Summit Brass, the Kansas City Symphony Brass Ensemble, the Blue Lake Wind Quintet, and the faculty brass quintets of: the New Mexico State University and Illinois State University.

Comprised of two trumpets, horn, trombone, and tuba, the quintet is part of the USAF Heritage of America Band, a 60-member ensemble based at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia.

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